Sunday, September 10, 2006

Windows Vista: A Review

I have now installed the beta of Windows Vista (known as Vista RC1). This is the first time I get to touch the newest Windows operating system, and I will admit, it does replace the fugly Windows GUI of XP and home editions. Unfortunately, there are several things that sent me over the roof that I would like to discuss here. Microsoft, take note, Redmond, take note.

First off, I'd like to say there is something incredibly sexy about the Windows GUI on a Macbook Pro. I don't know why. I guess it's the way the aluminum casing contrasts with the dark Windows theme. Forgive a Mac fanboy when I say that Windows has finally learned how to become sexy. Of course, I strongly suspect that the new Leopard GUI to debut in Spring will knock the pants off anything Redmond comes up with. Whilst so far I have only been limited to running Internet Explorer 7, I am surprised at the stability. Yes, that's right, surprised. No graphics lag (but hey, that's what a separate GPU is for).

Things I'd like to talk about are well, highlighted in bold, with a summary.

The Start Bar: Windows, Windows, Windows. This idea has been done, and now it's time to retire it. After all, OS X has survived and is quite popular, but then again, hardly ever used because the dock serves any Mac users purpose. Consistent theme, quite good if you ask me. This one thing is lacking in OS X, but Uno makes up for it. Bertrand Serlet said it best when he said that Microsoft showed major innovation by adding a nice Aqua bubble. Shame on you Microsoft. On the other hand, you've at least gotten the stability factor down, so we'll forgive you....for now.

Desktop Search: Finally, better desktop search. I'd honestly have to say, back in the days of my ole' Windows XP equipped Dell Inspiron 600m, Desktop Search sucked.....and even using the term sucked is being just far to generous. Shame, you proposed Desktop Search, and Apple got there before you in implementing it. Seriously Redmond, heads need to roll. There's no reason that you should be so far behind in the game. Well, then again, there's no reason not to integrate unix into your operating system either. So what, afraid the IT of the world will go insane because of such a debut, well, too bad. You want a safer, more efficient operating system, incorporate Unix into your OS.

Installation: Read this with me Microsoft, it shouldn't take three hours to install. Honestly. I felt like a zombie, just sitting there. My laptop got so hot I started to sweat. Shame for you to do that to an Apple Macbook Pro. :P It was torture. Fortunately, it'll take one click of a button to wipe you out in case I so choose, so, eh, I think I'll recover. This is the one thing beyond anything else that made me mad. The length of the installation. Hell, it doesn't take Mac that long to install (well, if you filter out the languages, the unneeded printer drivers, all the iLife apps you're not going to ever use (honestly, deleting Garageband and the stuff that comes with it is like...2 GBs of space), and I doubt I'lll ever use iDVD or iMovie....but we'll see). Anyways, it takes about 23 minutes.

Activation: Seriously Microsoft, this is the one thing Apple has over you. The only way you can run OS X is on Apple computers, so you still have to spend a grand on a computer with the OS included. You should really think about buying out Dell, Compaq, HP, Gateway, Acer, become makers of proprietary hardware.

DRM: I don't know how much DRM has been buttraped into this Operating System, I don't intend to do anything to ever find out. But seriously Microsoft, by best estimates, it'll only be a week after your OS debuts that the DRM is hacked out of it. There's no reason for you to dictate what I can and can't do with my computer. If I want to commit a crime, then for gosh sakes, I'll commit a crime. No thought control.

I'll post a follow up to this as I learn and explore more of Windows Vista.